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by Yasmina Reza, trans. Christopher Hampton, directed by Jennifer Nasta Zefutie

"Pegasus Theatre Project’s staging of Yasmina Reza’s 'Art' isn’t just a terrific presentation of a funny and insightful play, it’s an example of a creative team perfectly using a small, intimate space to create an evening that is as powerful as it is funny."

"...Yvan [is] wonderfully played by Matthew Cassidy...Bisgaier and Nikolas are perfect for their roles."

"Zefutie's direction is fantastic."



" engaging comedy performed by a cast with good chemistry..."


"...strong acting is required to distinguish the characters. Fortunately, this trio is more than equal to the task."

                                 -Town Topics                  

March 31-April 9, 2017

Photo credit: John M. Maurer


Marc: Peter Bisgaier

Yvan: Matthew Cassidy

Serge: David Nikolas

Production Team

Director: Jennifer Nasta Zefutie

Asst. Dir.: Jonathan A. Martin

Technical Director: Judi Parrish

Stage Manager: Tara Gruber Etter

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