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Mission, Vision, and Values

Pegasus Theatre NJ seeks to illuminate and elevate human experiences through courageous and imaginative theatrical storytelling.  We envision a vibrant community engaged in performance and education, where theatre artists and patrons, alike, are seen, heard, and valued. 

Pegasus Theatre NJ is guided in our work by these enduring values.


  •  Diversity and Equity are Strengths

    • We are committed to sustaining a diverse, inclusive, and equitable space where everyone who enters our space— patrons, artists, employees, and volunteers—feels valued and respected regardless of age, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

    • We are strengthened by the diversity of human experiences, and how they come to the stage and change audiences.

    • Our work is stronger by the many voices, perspectives, and experiences we bring to the organization, both on and off stage.

    • The diverse and emerging voices of current and future theatre artists contribute to access and experience.


  • Theatre is an Intimate Experience

    • Theatre transforms individuals, fosters understanding, and creates opportunity for courageous conversations.

    • Theatre empowers individuals through self-actualization, imagination, and empathy.


  • Theatre Artists and Audiences are Seen and Heard

    • Theatre is a space where all people feel complete, heard, respected, understood, valued, and connected.

    • Artists’ work is valued and fairly compensated.

    • We have a responsibility to inspire, mentor, and train the theatre artists of the future.


  • Artists Rise in Creative Playgrounds

    • The work on and off the stage is pursued with honesty, vulnerability, and authenticity.

    • Theatre is the practice of exploration and discovery, whether approaching a classic piece or a new work.

Our History

The idea for Pegasus Theatre was conceived in the winter of 2014 when Peter Bisgaier and Jennifer Nasta Zefutie were acting in a show together and discovered their shared dream of founding a theatre company that created productions of the highest artistic value.  The two began planning and preparation, and the company formally launched in the spring of 2016 as Pegasus Theatre Project and as the resident theatre company of the West Windsor Arts Council in Princeton Junction, NJ.  

Pegasus had 3 incredibly successful years of producing at the WWAC, where they quickly became known for their intimate, thought-provoking, and entertaining productions.  Lauded as “an example of a creative team perfectly using a small, intimate space to create an evening that is...powerful [and] funny” (TimeOFF), past productions have been reviewed as “nuanced and visually alluring” (Town Topics) and “creat[ing] a sort of theatrical magic” (TimeOFF).  In 2020, Pegasus was nominated for Best Small Theatre in the People’s Choice Awards.  In 2022, Pegasus moved to Bordentown City, NJ where their productions received a whopping 14 nominations across 9 categories in the 2023 Broadway World New Jersey Regional Theatre Awards.

In December 2022, Pegasus lost their space.  They continue to offer classes and camps in Bordentown City, and eagerly anticipate finding a new space where they can produce meaningful and entertaining theatrical works again. 

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