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Fiction by Steven Dietz, directed by Peter Bisgaier

April 5-14, 2019

"Bisgaier and a cast of sincere, realistic, engaging actors keep you listening and following the characters’ basic

lives and interactions while skillfully creating an ending that comes as a surprise." 



"Jennifer Nasta Zefutie delivers a luminous portrayal..."

"David C. Neal is entertaining..."  

—Town Topics


"Sarah Stryker plays this character beautifully."


Photos by Darren Sussman


Linda: Jennifer Nasta Zefutie

Michael: David C. Neal

Abby: Sarah Stryker

Production Team

Director: Peter Bisgaier

Dramaturge: Jonathan A. Martin

Scenic Design: Katie Truk

Lighting Design: Robert Rutt

Sound Design: Darren Sussman

Costume Designer: Chrissy Johnson

Stage Manager: Victoria Kaiser

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